• As a photo artist and photographer, I engage in the use of digital technology during my daily routine as part of my photographic journey.  I utilize the latest technological advances to enhance and improve my images and fine tune them to my liking.  Expanding  my portfolio, which contains an eclectic mix of street photography,  abstract images and montages fuels the never-ending search for unusual,  compelling and striking images to satisfy my passion for the art of  photography.  
    In a world saturated with visual images, I make certain that my photographs and montages are unique, original and have genuine interest  to me.   As I look to my environment, I carefully choose subject matter  that begs to be photographed, whether serious, mundane, romantic or  whimsical. I have become increasingly aware of my surroundings,  looking to discover images from everyday and unexpected sources.​ 


  • The moment a photograph is born, the interpretation of the  photographer’s world becomes visible.  My years of experience with  photography have taught me that a great photograph may result after many  hours of labor, or simply as a spontaneous occurrence.  Some of my most  memorable and emotion evoking images were captured “in the moment”  never able to be duplicated as it existed in that precise space and  time.   As a result, I am prepared for those moments and always have my  camera by my side.


  •  My  use of photography, not only in its traditional form, but as a tool to  create photo-based artwork has increased dramatically in my quest to create and archive new, original and unusual images in my portfolio.

  •  What I see and capture must satisfy both my eye and my soul and also have visual impact that will evoke a feeling or reaction within the viewer with whom I strive to have a similar connection. Since my photographs and montages are conceived with the notion to be seen, pondered and enjoyed, the emotional connection with the observer completes the intent of my artistry.